Team Building: Your Prized Component for Productivity

A highly productive workplace relies on a customized team building process.If every team member had the same attributes, even if they’re all good ones, you wouldn’t have a very productive team. Success thrives on a diversity of skills. Recognizing this can lead to a better team-building process.

There’s nothing wrong with being an individual – it’s part of what leads to a more efficient process in the workplace. Yet when you’re a member of a team, you must also take into account where the individual fits upon that team, because as the saying goes – “there’s no ‘I’ in team.” Careful consideration of the individual attributes must be entered into the equation. That can be difficult if you don’t know what drives an individual, how they prefer to be managed and their reaction to various workplace stimuli.

What motivates one person might present a confrontational situation to another. Figuring these things out in advance will lead to better communication and more cohesive collaboration.

Effective Team Building Exercises

Work/life balance is something most employees strive to maintain. There is a level of effort expected out of everyone while they’re in the office, and that is usually tied to work-specific tasks, but there can also be a focus on out-of-office team building through interaction that is out of the norm and doesn’t infringe on the work/life balance.

Is your company involved in corporate or community sporting events? Weekend softball, soccer or kickball teams offer a chance for team members to get to know each other on a level that differs from their work persona. It can deepen relationships.

You can even promote activities during the workday that don’t involve tasks at hand, such as pot luck lunches, group walks and starting weekly email threads where people can answer questions about themselves that show a different aspect of their personality. It’s small stuff, but it compounds to help build more cohesive teams.

How the Predictive Index Fits In

Fitting the right personalities together in a way that avoids conflict but enhances productivity can be very valuable for your organization. To get a better idea about workplace behaviors, you can utilize the Predictive Index. It’s a process that improves your understanding of your employees’ strengths, weaknesses and preferred management styles, which can lead to improved productivity, engagement and employee happiness. This all works toward your employee retention goals.

At PI Consulting Group, we help our clients understand the most important qualities of employees and factors that will help develop more effective teams. If you’re looking to hire for the long term and to establish higher functioning teams, contact us and let’s discuss our process.