Overcoming Top Obstacles to Retaining Employees

How can you keep your best employees engaged, happy and on your payroll? It’s a question many company leadersGain ground on your goal for retaining employees by utilizing the Predictive Index. ask because retaining employees is a challenge in today’s workforce.

What many have come to learn is that keeping employees happy is not about playing to their needs; it’s about creating an atmosphere where employees are giving of themselves, loyal to the company and willing to go the extra steps to achieve success.

Being Transparent Has Advantages

Every company has its own unique culture, which is defined in its vision, objectives and goals. The culture has to be fully apparent, or the employees won’t know where they stand or if they fit in with the company as a whole. According to research by Gallup, employees who are in line with a company’s culture are engaged in what they’re doing – are much less likely to look for employment elsewhere.

Be a Good Communicator

The days of the quarterly or bi-quarterly job review is a thing of the past. Employees today expect honest and open communication with their team leaders, management, etc. In many ways, this communication factor is built into your onboarding process, which is the employees’ initial introduction to the company.

If your onboarding process doesn’t include the type of honest and open communication employees are looking for today in the companies they devote so much of their time to, they can quickly become frustrated, disenchanted and unmotivated. This leads to a problem with your goal of retaining employees.

Quality Management

Your team leaders need to be on board with your communication goals. Often, communication breakdowns can be the result of promoting managers who lack empathy, have poor social skills and fail to listen to their employees.

You can reduce the chances of placing an otherwise qualified employee into a management position by using the Predictive Index, which utilizes a cognitive assessment to pinpoint attributes within a potential manager and give you insights into how they’ll lead people.

Furthermore, you can use the Predictive Index’s behavioral assessment with job candidates to get a deeper look into how they’ll function within your company culture. A candidate’s resume might look great and the interview could have gone perfectly, but it’s not until they get into the actual position that you see how they really react in the workplace. The behavioral assessment can catch red flags that an interview won’t reveal.

At PI Consulting Group, we employ professionals who are experts at the Predictive Index process. Our approach has helped clients in many industries improve their employee retention rates and we can help you do the same. Contact us and let’s talk about our approach.