Company Culture and the Remote Workforce: Keys to Improved Productivity

Improving company culture involves strong communication and transparency. The workforce has spoken, and employers listened. The option for remote work opportunities is no longer a luxury extended to a select few – it’s becoming the norm. It’s part of the company culture in many industries, but it hasn’t come without some challenges.

Namely, communication can be an issue. To make sure your remote workers don’t feel like they’ve become isolated and distant, consider the following:

  • Even if they spend zero time in the office, schedule an initial meet and greet. You’ll communicate with them often, and it helps to establish a personal connection with them in advance, so they feel more comfortable reaching out when they need something, and vice versa.
  • Check in with team members often. This is not micro-managing – it’s about keeping lines of communication open. A simple, “how’s your day going?” can do wonders in keeping the atmosphere relaxed and make team members feel comfortable enough to reach out whenever they need something.
  • Give everyone a way to offer anonymous feedback. This can be an eye-opening way to establish more efficient processes that lead to reaching goals at a faster rate.
  • Establish the channels of communication that each team member is comfortable using. Some might prefer an actual phone call while others will want to go through a text-messaging format. Be open to their preferences.

Be Transparent

Employees are actively seeking employment with organizations that value transparency in the company culture. This includes transparency in your vision for the company as a whole. Whether your workers are remote or on-site, they need to know that their vision aligns with yours.

Prove that the mission of the company is more than just a blanket statement because an inauthentic vision is quickly dismantled, and you’ll find retention numbers dropping if you don’t “walk the talk.”

Is what you’re striving for in your mission statement making an impact with your employees? Survey them often and find out where you might be falling short. This is especially important for remote teams because, without face-to-face interaction, it can be difficult to surmise where they are with your company culture.

Using the Right Tools

Company cultures vary depending on the organization. It’s difficult to tell if the person you hire is fully on board with your vision. To get a better idea of where they stand, utilize the Predictive Index method.

This involves a behavioral assessment that can reveal various preferences and workplace behaviors that are unique to your brand and your company culture. At PI Consulting Group, we offer these tools and years of expertise in analyzing results. To find a good match for your team, contact us and find out more about what we have to offer.