Steps to Improving Your Strategy for Recruiting Talent

There is no “one thing” that makes a business a success. It’s a combination of cogs spinning at the right speed,From improving outreach to utilizing scientifically proven methods, recruiting talent doesn’t have to be a hardship. working together in unison that results in great outcomes. When pressed, most business owners will say their most important “cog” of the wheel lies in their workforce – the employees who bring skillsets to the job that make reaching goals possible. This is why recruiting talent is a critical component of any organization.

Recruiting talent becomes more of a complex issue when unemployment is low, which is what American businesses have been dealing with for the last several years. This has helped to shape trends in recruiting the best talent available, because competition is a great catalyst for innovation, even if it’s about recruiting.

Offering the Right Perks

Do you know what people on the job hunt are looking for today? If you said “flexibility,” you’ve been listening to what’s motivating the workforce. Most prospective employees have left an organization that didn’t give them the flexibility they need and are seeking out an employee that values what they value. It’s often about gaining the work/life balance that is part of a healthy life experience.

Remote work opportunities rank at the top of the flexibility list. But you have to listen to what they’re saying, because while remote work opportunities rank high for some, others will be motivated to be part of your team because you offer career advancement opportunities, including ongoing education possibilities or a robust benefits package.

Look for Talent in Unconventional Places

With a shortage of potential employees, you need to think outside the box in regard to where you look to find new employees who can be an asset to your team.

If you’ve always brought in people based on previous experience, you might benefit by looking at other aspects of their work history that speaks to a specific job at your organization. Have they proven themselves to be adaptable in other positions? Do they have the ability to communicate better than other prospects? These are talents that can be built upon.

Using the Right Tools to Spot Talent

Recruiting talent can often involve some guesswork. The candidate has obvious potential, but you’re just not 100% sure they’re going to fit in with your company culture. The best resumes and interviews don’t always produce the best talent.

With the Predictive Index method, you leave the guesswork behind and leverage scientifically-backed tools to spot potential leaders and employees who will be an asset to your team.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re the experts in the Predictive Index method. We can help you fight the recruitment crunch you’ve been experiencing and stack your teams with the right people. Contact us and let’s talk about how our methods have worked for others and how they will work for you.