Conflict Resolution Strategies For a Cohesive Team

Effectively mediating a situation is valuable in your approach to conflict resolution.Your employees’ strengths lie in their differences from one another. It’s these varied skillsets that create a well-rounded team, but these differences can also be the source of friction, which means you have to work on conflict resolution strategies to prevent a tough situation from getting out of hand.

One of the worst things you can do as a leader in your company is to ignore flare-ups. Avoidance leads to festering situations that can set you way back and risk losing any hope of promoting a productive and happy workplace. You have to recognize that employees have emotions that can come to a head while in an office setting.

Addressing the Issues

There can be multiple sides to a conflict, and they all deserve to be heard. Effective leadership means not playing favorites, taking in everyone’s account of the situation and evaluating the conflict for a fair resolution.

It can be of benefit to have a group discussion, but you have to make sure all parties are ready to, or you risk having another flare-up. With cool heads, everyone should be able to see how the problem came to be and how to avoid it in the future.

Mediating Successfully

When a situation comes to a “let’s agree to disagree” point, it might be time to enlist a neutral mediator. This should be a person who is objective and has no stake in the outcome of the resolution, other than to have it settled.

A neutral party is often able to get to the root of the problem and help identify how things came to a head, how they can be resolved and how they can be better handled in the future.

Conflict resolution strategies can also involve a formal plan that specifically lists how tension will be dealt with before it even happens. It can even be a formal process where each party fills out a report regarding the incident and uses the documents to work toward a solution. Once a resolution can be reached, the document can be signed into agreement.

Using the Right Tools

It’s difficult to know how someone is going to react to workplace stimuli, but it gets much easier if you’re using the right tools when hiring. Using the Predictive Index method can help you gain huge insights into a potential employee’s reaction to workplace behaviors.

The Predictive Index uses a behavioral assessment, which offers a great amount of transparency into what triggers a conflict. If you’re looking for emotional maturity in your employees and indications of how employees will respond to stressful situations, you need to use the Predictive Index.

At PI Consulting Group, we have evidence to back up this type of approach to diffusing potentially explosive situations. With our assistance, you can vastly improve your conflict resolution strategies and avoid costly friction in the workplace. Contact us and let’s talk about our experiences.