Why Talent Management Is More Important Than Ever

Use the rights tools, such as the Predictive Index, to improve talent management.Retaining talent continues to be a top initiative for business owners and executives. Rather than just accept that talent management woes are just normal or wait for the unemployment rate to rise, which would make attaining top talent an easier task, there are things you can do now to keep your top workers at your company.

Improving the Happiness Factor

You want your talent to stick around, but they’re only going to do that if they’re happy in the workplace. Being “happy” can include any number of things, from having a good relationship with management to access to remote work options. Happiness can come via a robust benefits package or continuing education programs that help them advance their careers. The best workplaces will include all of these in their approach to talent management.

The benefits of creating a company culture that focuses on happiness has a positive side effect of creating more engaged employees. They’re not looking into finding jobs elsewhere – they’re actively engaged in the tasks at hand and will strive to reach or exceed goals.

Be a Strong Communicator

Organizations that lose their top talent at astounding rates are often those that have placed no value on communicating with employees. The culprits are often direct managers who don’t have the right communication skills for the job. They aren’t empathetic, they don’t listen and they make little to no effort in asking questions of employees that lead to insights that can solve conflict in the workplace.

Managers should be excellent casual communicators, but they also need to schedule one-on-one time with each employee, which is a practice that makes employees feel valued. These regular talks can be eye-opening experiences where both parties can share information. Employees can address various wants or needs they have, and managers can touch on job performance issues and provide tips for improvement. It’s not a micromanagement session; it’s a conversation that leads to happier, more productive employees.

The Predictive Index utilizes cognitive and behavioral assessments that lead to a better understanding of what motivates individuals. Furthermore, the Predictive Index also provides organizations with the ability to hire smarter. Instead of taking a chance on a person for a management role, the cognitive assessment can be utilized to promote only those who have the skillset to lead.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re experts in the Predictive Index and we can be your resource for implementing more effective talent management. Contact us and let’s talk about our methods and how they’ll work to keep your employees happy and with your company instead of seeking “greener pastures”.