Achieving Better Talent Acquisition Results

The struggle to find qualified employees is common today. Like a home in a hot housing market, the most qualifiedTalent acquisition is a challenge for employers today, but using the right methods can ease the pain. employees aren’t on the market for long. According to a study featured in Talentnow, you only have a 10-day window to grab the best candidates, as they’re snatched up quickly by the competition. But talent acquisition doesn’t have to be your biggest pain point.

Know Your Target

Updating job descriptions can help you identify exactly who you’re looking for. While titles might remain the same, the work required of that position can evolve over time, which is why it’s a mistake to post the same descriptions year after year.

With a comprehensively detailed overview of the requirements involved in the position, you can build better content for marketing outreach. This is also a chance to take a closer look at current employees and see if they have the potential to fill the position. Promoting from within is also a smart tactic in improving employee retention.

Marketing Management

Your company culture needs to be stamped on everything you do, and this includes your marketing content, which is probably going to be the applicant’s first introduction to your organization.

A very high percentage of people shopping for jobs will go to their preferred social media platforms for their search, which means you have to make establishing that your brand is represented well on these platforms a priority. You need to highlight your company culture and feature employees who help define what you are. Look to see if your mission statement is distinguishable, helping to separate you from others and exemplify your unique values that will attract like-minded individuals.

Using the Predictive Index

At PI Consulting Group, we’re aware of the challenges employers face on a daily basis, especially in the talent acquisition category. We know the cost of a bad hire can equal about 30% of the annual salary of a position, which is why we assist our customers with solutions that significantly reduce the chances of making a bad hire.

We provide an accurate fit-gap analysis that ensures you will get the best candidate for the role. This includes making sure they are a good fit for your work environment and company culture.

What might seem like a perfect candidate on paper and even in an interview can turn out to be the wrong fit for your company. With our behavioral and cognitive analyses, we help you gain insights that reveal if a potential hire will hit the ground running or fizzle out within months of joining your team.

Contact us and let’s talk about our methods and how they will give your talent acquisition the significant boost you need in this time of acquisition anxiety.