How Can You Improve Your Hiring Process?

The hiring process has been highly refined in recent years. With the low unemployment rates and tight jobPull in highly qualified candidates with a more efficient hiring process. market, employers are doing everything they can to keep their talent and bring in the best and brightest to fill open positions.

Even if you’re running a tight ship and you are hitting your retention rate numbers, you’re going to have staff come and go, which means you have to be ready once a position opens up.

Describing the Situation

If the hiring process is like peeling an onion, the outer layer is the job description. Writing the right description means you’re going to attract the candidates that are right for the position. This is a crucial step to focus on, and it shows when they begin interviewing applicants – they find that they’ve pulled in the wrong demographic.

The tasks a person is responsible for will evolve over time, which is why you need to continually update the description. Include the relevant qualifications and skills required, talk about your company culture and list as much of the salary and benefits as you can. This will help inform and entice those who are best suited.

Get the Position to the Public

The way you approach how you’re going to disburse your job openings matters. Obviously, you’re going to include sharing on social media platforms, but don’t forget more traditional mediums, such as print.

Also, consider attending career fairs in your area to come face-to-face with top talent. But remember, you’re the face of the company, so make sure the company culture is being represented well.

Nailing the Interview

Going into an interview unprepared to ask the right questions will affect the outcome. Study the applicant’s documents in advance so you know whom you’re talking to and come up with some questions that are unique to that applicant.

Job interviews can be a huge source of anxiety for candidates, so set them at ease by engaging in light conversation at first. This will help them open up and give you the responses that are more in line with their true personalities.

Regardless of how much you prepare your interview questions or job descriptions, there are always going to be hidden bits of an applicants personality that can make the hiring process almost seem like guesswork. With Predictive Index (PI) tools at your disposal, you can take the guesswork out of the process.

The power of PI is in its behavioral and cognitive assessments, which are scientifically validated. In fact, at PI Consulting Group, we know of more than 7,000 positive correlations between business performance and our assessments. The assessments are easy to administer and we analyze the results to give you a clearer view of the actual person you’re interviewing. Do they fit your company culture? Will they work well with your current team? Do they have leadership potential? All of these questions can be answered. Contact us and let’s talk about how it works.