Strengthen Your Employee Retention Strategy to Keep Your Talent from Leaving

Career development can help you reach your employee retention goals.
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Career development is definitely on the minds of your employees, particularly millennials who are fresh in their career and are looking for a company that will help them develop, blossom and advance. Companies that fail to recognize this will see their employees seeking out opportunities elsewhere.

Not only do you get a more well-rounded employee when you promote career development, you also get a more loyal employee who is willing to stay around longer, which boosts your employee retention rate.

The Autonomous Worker

The amount of autonomy workers want will differ per person, but when you empower them with autonomy, you’re giving them confidence. That doesn’t mean you set them loose without the tools they need to get a job done, but it does mean loosening the reins a bit and allowing them to make decisions.

Empowered workers are known to be more loyal and committed to their employers than those who aren’t empowered. The reason for that has to do with trust. When the employer allows employees to make decisions on their own, it instills a sense of trust, which is quite an influential quality and leads to employee retention improvements.

Engage the Employee

While some employees are happy to show up and do their job with little to no interaction with others, most want to experience good interactions with their team. Employee engagement needs to be encouraged by company leaders, because more positive interaction between employees boosts camaraderie among employees. This can include fun stuff like contests, pot luck lunches to celebrate holidays, casual Fridays, or you can start a health and wellness program that promotes group activities.

Most of these engagement activities are little to no cost, yet provide a lot of value because they can make the employee happy to be in their workplace. Happy employees are not looking for employment opportunities elsewhere.

Use the Predictive Index Method

One thing is for certain: if you don’t have the right people in the right roles, they’re not going to stay, no matter how robust your employee development and engagement programs are. By utilizing the Predictive Index, you can more clearly identify candidates for positions that will be a perfect match for their skillset and temperament.

More than 8,000 employers worldwide use the behavioral assessment tool deployed by the Predictive Index (PI). Analyzed by a PI expert, the assessment is very revealing and will determine how likely a job candidate is to match your company culture and the unique environment that is your workplace.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re able to assist you in retaining employees by giving you the tools you need to identify the right people for the job. Contact us and let’s discuss our methods.