The Role Your Leaders Play in Building Teams for Success

Building teams requires leadership and a focus on hiring smart.The successes of any business can be attributed to the people on the ground making things happen. Quality employees are the foundation of any strong business. They use their strengths as a cohesive unit. Getting everyone on the same page requires leadership, which means if you’re not hitting your goals, it’s highly likely that you need to look at the strategy your leadership has for building teams.

Working Around Preferences

Leaders need to understand that while they have a specific way of getting things done on time and correctly the first time, others might have a different path. Quality managers recognize this and are flexible and willing and able to work with the preferences of others.

Motivational Factors

What motivates one worker might be stifling to another. Good managers know who needs details at the most minute levels and who needs to be given simple instructions and set off on their own. Don’t risk micromanaging those who don’t need it, and don’t leave someone who needs more direction feeling powerless because they don’t have the “tools” they need to succeed.

Focus on Communication

Quality managers are excellent communicators. They devote energy to listening with intent, regularly interact with their team and learn more about what each and every member requires. Good communication requires someone who is empathetic and will value opinions coming from all team members. This has an empowering effect and creates happier employees who are motivated to go above and beyond what is required of them.

Varied Skillsets

Bringing the right people into the mix is a top priority. They must have varied skillsets, capable of adding value with their specific talents. Be careful not to stack a team with people of similar talents – variety is the key.

Predictive Index Method

What looks great on a resume might not turn out to be that great for what you need in a specific role. By using the Predictive Index method, you can promote qualified people to management roles and be confident in your decision to put the right people in the roles that will lead teams to success.

A behavioral assessment will give you insights into your employees, giving you fact-based information you can use to build teams that have a variety of talents. Furthermore, the Predictive Index is valuable in providing transparency about how individuals react to various workplace stimuli. This can give your managers the tools they need to inspire each team member.

At PI Consulting Group, we know that successful companies want to promote employees with the right qualities to leadership positions. We offer solutions to make this a reality. We’ve also assisted companies in many industries in hiring smart, bringing in quality employees who fit the company culture and will be an asset from day one. Contact us and let’s discuss our approach.