The How and Why of Creative Team Building Events

Your next team building event could be as simple as a low-pressure setting for employees to connect over drinks.Companies with a strong sense of identity and a positive culture firmly established on a set of values tend to thrive. They also tend to attract talent. Yet, when you think of team building events and exercises, you may picture your employees rolling their eyes as they hold hands and try to pass a hula hoop around the circle.

The problem is not team building. The heart of the issue is that managers tend to use tired and uninspired ideas that don’t add anything positive to the culture.

First, take a look at the reasons why you should continue to invest in team building:

  • Workplace relationships are important connections for employees, and team building supplies a natural setting for valuable conversations about work as well as personal life.
  • You’ll improve employee retention because your employees will better understand their unique place in the organization and feel more at home in the workplace.
  • You may attract valuable new talent as your employees talk to their networks about the ways you’re investing in the company culture through creative team building.

You may already know why team building is critical to building company culture, and yet have no idea where to find a fresh idea for helping your team connect. Here are a few ways to think about offering employees a new way to build their relationships.

A survey by Nulab uncovered some important factors you should consider when planning a team building exercise:

  • Quarterly events were preferred over alternative time intervals.
  • Employees favored volunteering and events involving food as the most effective in offering positive connection opportunities and improving a community element among team members.
  • Least favored activities included icebreakers.

It’s also worth noting that the most enjoyable events identified by respondents involved alcohol in a low-key setting. In other words, sometimes you can just take your employees to happy hour.

Make sure that when planning your quarterly events, you look for activities that are accessible to everyone and don’t require prior knowledge. For instance, renting go-karts is something that’s fun and removes any element of competition (unless you’ve got a lead foot or two on your team). If you choose something more active one quarter, like laser tag, you may want to balance it out with a more laid-back event the following quarter.

These kinds of activities tend to break the ice without putting anyone on the spot, and they invite your employees to connect in a non-threatening venue.

Part of knowing which activity is most likely to be a hit with your team is simply knowing your team. That’s where the Predictive Index comes in, giving you insights about what your team members value and what motivates them. You can even get some guidance on how to have fun with them.

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