A Smarter Approach to the Onboarding Process

Behind every story about positive retention numbers, is a well-planned onboarding process. There are manyHire smarter and make your onboarding process worthwhile. paths to productivity and most begin with onboarding. Failure to fully think through how you bring new employees to the company can be a costly mistake.

There is still a school of thought out there that retention and onboarding are two different entities. In recent years, they have been more closely linked. Think about how important first impressions are and how onboarding is part of that first impression. How many employees have you lost because you didn’t make an attempt to welcome them into the company in the proper fashion? The first impression can actually drag on for months as the new hire settles into their job, which means you need to include quality training, communicative management, mentorship programs and ongoing education efforts in your onboarding process.

How Long Should Onboarding Take?

Gone are the days of orientation being the sole effort to onboard. Even a one-week attempt to get your new employees up to speed isn’t sufficient. To fully make them comfortable and to retain them once they’re a productive part of your team takes a long-term approach.

The consensus among top companies that have nailed down their onboarding process says that 90 days is the minimum. The key is not to overwhelm people new to their job. Introducing new tasks takes time and plenty of training. If you rush someone through the process, they won’t have the tools to succeed, which is a frustrating situation for them and will prompt them to look elsewhere for employment.

Where to Begin

One thing few successful businesses will do today is making the first day of employment all about paperwork. All of that should be approached before they set foot in the office. Rather, make that first day about welcoming them to the organization and making them feel like they are a critical part of the team. Help them make connections with co-workers and check in on them regularly during that first week to ensure they’re not adrift.

When the pleasantries are taken care of, consider setting them up with a mentor. Long time employees have a wealth of knowledge built up and should be given opportunities to share what they know, offer tips that can help the new hire steer clear of mistakes and feel more confident in their role.

Predictive Index to the Rescue

It’s true that the best onboarding process can’t save you from a bad hire. Rather than risk bringing in the wrong people, get scientific and utilize the Predictive Index (PI) method. It’s a decade’s old process that is a tried and true way of hiring smarter.

Using PI can give you insights that will cut a large pool of candidates down to only those that fit your company culture and will be a good match with your current team members. Furthermore, when PI assessments are analyzed by an expert, you can gain insights into how your employees prefer to be managed, which is another key to meeting your retention goals.

At PI Consulting Group, we’re the PI experts that will help you make the best use of your onboarding process. Contact us and let’s talk about our process.