PI Consulting Group is a member of PI Worldwide.

PI Worldwide member firms serve a global client base. These experienced consultants change the way you find the right people, develop leaders at all levels, and achieve growth goals. As one of those member firms, we offer a unique combination of behavior and skill assessments, dynamic workforce analytics, and business expertise. Our science-driven insights help optimize the performance and potential of individuals, teams, and organizations. Today, more than 8,000 clients use PI Worldwide solutions to measure and improve how they drive results.

Founded in 1955, PI Worldwide pioneered a new methodology – based on the Predictive Index® assessment – for optimizing the performance and potential of individuals, teams and organizations. Since then, it has grown to 45 Member Firms and 400 experienced consultants dedicated to clients’ success. PI Worldwide member firms deliver more than 2 million assessments each year in 70 languages, including Braille. These innovative solutions are used in 142 countries, driving dramatically better business performance and workforce excellence. As a result, year after year, PI Worldwide member firms earn a client renewal rate of more than 90%.

PI Worldwide solutions empower you to make data-driven decisions on hiring, developing, and deploying employees. These solutions target four business areas: talent acquisition, talent development, change management, and growth strategy. To address your unique needs and opportunities in these areas, PI Worldwide member firms offer solutions that focus on both the behaviors and skills of employees, teams and the organization as a whole. Each solution is based on a proven methodology combining data, technology, knowledge, and expertise to achieve sustainable results.