Our suite of assessments lets you understand the whole person – how they behave, how they learn and how they best fit in your organization. Our platform makes that information accessible and easy to act on.

The Predictive Index is a tool for leaders at every level, from CEOs on down to individual contributors. We encourage our clients to grant every employee access to our platform. When you give people the gift of understanding themselves and others, real magic can happen.

Our clients streamline hiring with the PI platform – 

  • Set the behavioral and cognitive requirements for jobs
  • Send pre-employment assessments to candidates
  • See which candidates are a behavioral and cognitive match
  • Generate interview questions to probe into candidates’ behavioral fit
  • Onboard new employees according to their behavioral preferences

Our clients manage more effectively with the PI Platform – 

  • Build your self-awareness
  • Discover individuals’ behavioral drives and needs
  • Compare two people to understand how they’ll work together
  • Coach and develop employees
  • Evaluate how well you’re motivating your team