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The Predictive Index


The Predictive Index Assessment for Individuals

The Predictive Index behavioral assessment is the foundation of the Predictive Index system, with more than 2 million assessments completed every year. It is a science-based assessment that provides managers with accurate, actionable data quantifying the unique motivating needs and behavioral drives of each employee and potential employee.


The PRO survey: for jobs

The PRO is a job analytics tool that allows clients to quantify the behavioral requirements of any specific job, at any level, within their organizations. Created through input from multiple stakeholders, the client-defined output provides a PRO or “target” for the role. Armed with this information, hiring managers are better equipped to evaluate the job fit of candidates. By using the PRO before making a hire, clients can achieve better agreement on the behavioral requirements for any role, resulting in clear expectations which help the individual succeed right from the start.


We examine the data generated by these assessments and make it available to you using our suite of technology tools that help you make better human resource decisions.  We don’t leave you alone with the data and tools, we work with you until you have the knowledge you need to effectively leverage it to build a high-performing team.  Our experienced consultants provide an ongoing resource until they’ve transferred their expertise to you and your team.